Why Choose Chiropractic In Plainview NY For Your Kids

Why Chiropractic For Children in Plainview NY?

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I am a chiropractor. So we will begin by admitting my bias: I am biased toward natural health, love, creativity, and relationship. And I am biased toward a health care system that allows for this without adding potentially harmful substances into your child’s body.

Chiropractic in Plainview NY is simple. It offers no magic solutions for the ills of today; just plain, simple common sense. I wonder when people will tire of the next great magic solution coming from the drug industry. There is no such thing as a guarantee of safety when it comes to drugs.

Chiropractic in Plainview NY offers something different.

For over 100 years, doctors of chiropractic have said that your body is capable of healing itself. It’s as simple as that. Drugs and surgery cannot heal you. They can only cover your symptoms so that you are fooled into thinking that you are well. At times, it can be a true blessing to give your child an antibiotic and watch their suffering diminish. But when that single antibiotic becomes another and then another, soon enough your child has had more drugs in their short life than may be healthy.

Here’s what chiropractors have been saying for the past 100 years:

  • Every single function of your body is governed by an inner wisdom (we call it Innate Intelligence or sometimes just Innate).
  • When inner wisdom is able to connect with each and every part of your body, you experience optimum health.
  • The nervous system is the network through which your Innate Intelligence communicates its messages to every part of your body.
  • Interference in your nervous system can and does occur when you have an overload of stress (physical, mental or chemical).
  • The result is a particular type of nerve interference that I call nerve stress (other chiropractors call them subluxations).
  • The goal of chiropractic is to correct this nerve stress so that your body can heal itself…just like it was designed to do.

It is as simple as that. No pills. No magic potions. Just common sense. In our office we use a particularly gentle form of chiropractic called Network Spinal Analysis. Because it is so gentle, it is perfect for kids (of all ages!).

Why chiropractic for kids?

Because by the time they are one year old, they have probably had dozens of stresses that have had an impact on their growing spines and nervous systems. Because it is safer and more natural to try first to help your child heal him or herself before resorting to potentially toxic drugs. Because it works.


By Fred J. Blum, DC


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