Chiropractic Testimonials

“I have a new lease in life. My blood pressure is going down, and I no longer take the anti-anxiety medication. Also, I am finding a sense of peace and even happiness.”

- U.K.

“I have never experienced such significant growth in such a short period of time. Here’s to network chiropractic and to connecting with Dr. Mike.”

- A.A.

“When I first came to see Dr. Berlin, I had constipation, bouts with Bronchitis, and pneumonia and poor sleeping with many interruptions during the night. Now, my constipation is almost non-existent. My sleeping is so improved. So far this year, I have had no chest problems. Also, my skin is so clear and radiant. I can't believe it.”

- H.B.

“The peacefulness and calmness inside me is indescribable and unbelievable.”

- M.L.

“My vision actually improved after an adjustment!”

- J.S.

“Four years of traditional medicine failed to provide what just one month of Dr. Mike's sessions did.”

- M.S.

“The anxiety and depression lifted. Immediately my immunity made an upturn…”

- J.F.

“Within 5 weeks my limp was gone! The heartburn is now gone! My depression lifted and now I feel light and free!”

- C.R.

“I no longer had the pins and needles in my foot; I was no longer taking my sinus products. The stress on my spine was slowly leaving. My spine felt like it was actually breathing.”

- M.W.

“5 years ago I was ready to give up on life; the pain was all-encompassing and debilitating. I no longer suffer from fibromyalgia, acid reflux, muscle and joint pain, allergies, hypoglycemia, and neck pain!”

- C.H.

“When I first came to see Dr. Berlin I had severely hurt my neck and back in a car accident. Further, I had a lifetime of allergies and migraine headaches. And now my neck and back are no longer hurting, and allergies and headaches have not been bothering me.”

- M.C.

“I was 38 when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Over 13 years I tried traditional and alternative therapies, but found no relief. Within a relatively short time I have experienced not only a significant lessening of pain and increased mobility, but the freedom that comes from understanding, acceptance, and letting go.”

- R.S.

“I was experiencing severe low back pain. Also, I could not look to my left and I could not tilt my head. To get out of bed I had to support my head by holding it or I experienced awful pain in my neck. An orthopedist diagnosed me with progressive stenosis, arthritis, and spurs pinching the nerves. He said that I would need surgery within a year. Gradually, I didn’t have to support my neck; I was able to turn my neck. Subsequently, the orthopedist said ‘the person I am looking at is not the same person’ and he is no longer talking about surgery.”

- G.G.

“5 months ago I had 2 herniated discs I m my lower back with a very painful sciatica. Since continuing treatments my discs went back to normal and my sciatica went away.”

- J.W.

“The last time I was out of work due to a back injury, I laid on my living room floor for about six weeks. I was not even able to walk. Along with back pain I had allergies, migraine headaches, and poor health. And now after coming to see Dr. Mike I am feeling mentally, physically, and spiritually excellent! Thank you Dr. Mike.”

- D.F.

“TMJ has made my life a living hell. Since I started two months ago, my jaw no longer hurts, I can sleep on my stomach and turn my head, my headaches are a rarity, and I no longer have back or neck aches.”

- E.H.

‘When I first came to see Dr. Berlin I had two disc bulges in my low back with a fragmented disc and a pretty bad scoliosis. And now my spine is a lot straighter and softer! I don’t have any more pain, I feel stronger and more flexible, and my posture is improved.”

- S.D.

“There has been an overall improvement in the clarity of her speech, her daily bowel movements, and she is definitely a happier and healthier little girl. She has not seen her pediatrician once this winter.”

- F.P.

“I have an inner peace and joy that I am compelled to share with anyone who needs that smile put back on his face. I continue to be transformed spiritually and physically. Thank you, Dr. Berlin.“

- M.C.

“I felt a remarkable increase in energy and a strong motivation to listen to my internal cues. I am eating healthier, sleeping better, am less reactive, and feel more like ‘me’.”

- S.H.

“I began to sleep through the whole night for the first time in years.”

- B.F.

“I started to become a different person. I found peace and happiness like I never experienced in my life.”

- J.H.

“Allowing my spine to gently realign itself has greatly reduced the anxiety and muscle spasms I was getting.”

- R.F.


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