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You were Designed to be Well

YOU have the ability to heal yourself without drugs or surgery. For instance, if you cut yourself your body has the ability to heal without band-aids or antibiotics. Your body has within it the inborn ability to heal itself. In fact, all living creatures have the ability to heal themselves naturally.

If your body has the ability to heal itself, why do we get sick? Why do we hurt so much sometimes? The answer can be very complicated. Sometimes we don’t give it enough time to heal on its own; sometimes we haven’t effectively modified our behavior or learned the “lesson” that our pain or illness has to offer us. Most people who develop health challenges search for a pill or a potion to relieve their discomfort. This is a common response. But let’s think for a moment. What is the purpose of a symptom? Is it simply that your body has made a mistake?

We don’t think so. We believe that we are all perfect expressions of the Wisdom of Creation and therefore everything that our body does has some purpose...even if we don’t understand it with our “educated” minds. For example, infections are not caused by a lack of antibiotics in our bloodstream; they are the result of our body attempting to rebalance an internal environment that has become unbalanced with a particular organism. Fever and infections are two of your body’s most powerful tools for achieving that balance.

Do you really want to interfere with that natural process every time you have the slightest problem? Perhaps there are times when antibiotics are necessary but isn’t it wiser to first trust the Power and Wisdom of Creation? Remember, wellness is about learning to trust your body’s wisdom.  Network Care can help set that wisdom free!

Defense means that your body is “stuck” in past stresses. Until your nerve system is able to “update its files," it can never heal any illness or injury associated with that event. That’s why an injury can persist even though your body may have replaced every cell in that area several times! Free from the nerve interference that Defense causes, your body and mind are able to move closer to their potential for health and greater quality of life!

Also, there are many health articles, websites, and other resources on this website. Please click on and explore the colored tabs at the bottom of each webpage. They have great and fascinating information!