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Wellness vs. Illness

So far from our content, articles, and videos on this website you’ve learned about nerve interference/Defense and how it can interfere with your natural expression of health and well being.  You’ve discovered that true health is more than just the absence of symptoms and that when your body is not expressing health that there is probably something blocking that expression. Today, I want to introduce the concept of wellness vs. illness.

Nearly everything that you will find in the current model of “healthcare” is based on an illness model of health. The illness model is based on the idea that you are a machine that breaks down and therefore needs to be “fixed.” Other words associated with the illness model are control, stop, manage, pain, disease, fight, fear and so on. The illness model is based on only identifying and fixing problems.

In our office, we base our care on a wellness model of health. The Wellness model is based on the idea that you are much more than a machine.  In fact, we believe that everything about you, even your current state of health, is a perfect expression of the Intelligence of Life. How could it be any other way??? If we are created from the Wisdom of Creation, then how could pain or sickness be “wrong?" In the Wellness model, we believe that sickness or a state of "dis-ease" is the natural expression of a body that is not in balance. In other words, sickness is the natural expression of a lack of wellness, and your body is communicating that to you. Rather than try to deal with the effects of a lack of wellness, why not resolve the cause and restore and promote your natural state of health and wellness?! Words associated with the Wellness model are heal, allow, open, release, connect, expand, enhance, trust, love and so on. The Wellness model is based on identifying and applying solutions that help you grow better than you were before your illness so that you can heal, prevent disease, optimize your potential, and restore long-term wellness.

These concepts may seem radical to you compared to the illness/sickness/disease model that you were brought up in. They are. Can the Wellness model provide a life of greater ease, flexibility, peace and health than ever before? YES! And has for thousands of people!

In seeking to promote and foster wellness rather than just fight disease, our office is providing a service unique in all of Plainview. We will continue to promote the concept of wellness simply because we believe that it will make our community a better place to live, to work, and to raise our families.

Everyone can benefit from the Wellness model! If you know someone that you’d like to introduce to a better way of staying well than drugs and surgery, have them give us a call at (516) 822-8499. We’d be honored to help them.

Also, there are many health articles, websites, and other resources on this website. Please click on and explore the colored tabs at the bottom of each webpage. They have great and fascinating information!